• Powerful Women in AA

Powerful Women in AA

I have been aware of a different kind of woman in a.a. years ago,
information about an alcoholic woman, were very dismal.
Words such as: "deviant behavior". Those are hardly words that
would make a woman want to get sober. Labels like that are
frightening and are filled with shame. I have thought for too
long we need a better and truer image of what we perceive as a
woman alcoholic. That is when i thought of this book. It is a way
to get an inside look at the sober women and their stories.
Thankfully they are willing to share them with you. They do this
in the hope of helping someone out there who is still suffering
with addictions, that they themselves, are familiar with.
These stories will give a new perspective of what a recovering
woman looks like. Sober women are powerful in, home life,
business, politics, community activities, etc. I find an intelligent,
talented, caring. Powerful group of women, in the aa program.
Courageous also, (evident in the following stories).
You may be amazed at the obstacles in their lives, before and after
sobriety. By the grace of god and the the aa program they have
found a new dimension

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